Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a New Year

Well it's been a while since I wrote here but I wanted to get everyone up to date. The WOGL now has installed our own servers at a datacenter in Texas where we will now be able to expand as we need to based on demand from our membership. This was an important step at WOGL to be able to handle future growth. Also as most everyone knows we have added leagues for A.V.A and Combat Arms again as well.

This year has already started off well as we are currently discussing relationships with new game publishers nothing I can talk about yet but you will see some new games showing up in WOGL very soon. Also we are working on more Anti-Cheat upgrades this year as we have fixed the performance issues and upgraded the way the system works now it's time to add in more security and other checks that most anti-cheats do not do. We are currently restaffing throughout WOGL and looking for qualified people from casting to game admins so if you think you have what it takes I would encourage you to apply.

Tonight we will be casting an interview with GM Saidin from CrossFire as we discuss the state of the game and the new things we can look forward to. Will there be a Season 3? Find out tonight at 7PM on wogl.tv.

I would also like to take the time to thank all of our Premium Members, staff and supporters as we continue to grow. we have a lot of things that we plan to improve over this next year so look for a lot of changes for the future.

Friday, November 12, 2010

WOGL Growing Again

Well I am now back from Korea and getting caught up on all I missed being away. There is a lot going on in gaming right now and WOGL is going to be right in the middle of it. Today I have added Genesis A.D and Call of Duty : Black Ops to our list of supported leagues. Over the coming weeks/months we will begin launching some Prelaunch events for these games so please keep checking www.wogl.org for updates. Also we will be releasing the name of our sponsor for the Black Ops league this weekend so look for that as well. Also if you are not currently a Premium member nows your chance to join and get a shot at winning the Intel Solid-State drive this month.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 3 at the IeSF

What a day full of ups and downs but finished on a high note. To start off this morning we began with a win as LongWalk our Warcraft 3 player won 2-0 vs The Netherlands. However lost to China 0-2 in the next round to end is tournament. Also we had KreeganBG playing his first FIFA Online 2 match against Singapore where he lost 2-0. While we didn't do great in FIFA Online 2 it would help if we had the game to play in the U.S so the players could be better prepared. Practicing on other FIFA games helps but doesn't give you the advantages of knowing all the little tricks that are required to play at this level. Hopefully in the future we will have more access to the game so we will be better prepared to compete.

To end on a positive note we attending the final event for the A.V.A Team tonight and what a match it was. In reading the forums there were a lot of people saying the U.S didn't have a chance in playing against the top teams in Asia and if you look at the prelim matches we lost both of them. However the team showed why they are the best team in the U.S by starting off with a convincing win against Japan 7-2. Then the heat was on team USA was to play Korea in the finals match for 10k dollars. THe match started off with Korea taking a 6-2 lead. However the momentum took a shift when Korupt clutched a 2 v 1 with little health and the team battled back to tie the game 6-6. The crowd was on their feet as it came down to the last round and Team USA took the win 7-6. It was amazing play and a huge comeback as Team USA is the best A.V.A Team in the World tonight. What a great way to end a great trip to Korea.

I have added some photos from todays events and I want to thank everyone for tuning into the blog this week. I am looking forward to returning to the states and uploading some of the video clips from the week. Be sure to keep checking back here as I announce new happenings at WOGL each week.

Friday, October 29, 2010

IeSF Grand Final Day 2

Today we had a lot on our plate. To start the day off I attended a VIP reception where I was introduced to representatives from the 30 countires competing in the event and we talk about the future of e-sports competition. It was very interesting to hear the different thoughts and points of view on the direction e-sports is headed.

Following the reception we had the opening ceremony on the mainstage. The ceremony contained a lot of speakers from the mayor of Daegu City to the President of the IeSF and a performance. My favorite part of the ceremony was seeing all the countries flags up on stage and the U.S flag among the mix.

Once the stage was set and the competition was announced open the players went up a floor to go over all the rules for the compeition. They went through every rule and had to opportunity to ask questions if they needed any clarification on them. After the rules were read through they began the days practice sessions which in all were a bit unorganized. Some players got more time to practice then others and many had issues with controller settings and such. On a positive side our players were up until 4 am practicing at the LAN center so it was just a matter of them getting set-up for play.

The first official matches took place with the U.S AVA Team playing against Korea to decide who would get a bye since there are only 3 teams. Korea is known to be the team to beat in the competition so they knew this was going ot be a tough match to win. I was very impressed with how well the guys communicated and kept the match close through out until they were finally closed out by Korea with a total score of 7-5. The match was awesome to watch and props to the guys for playing so well. There next match will be tomorrow.

The last match of the evening was Michs09 for FIFA Online 2. Our other players for FIFA and Warcraft received bye's in the first round so did not have to play. Michs was pretty confident after playing at the lan center so we were looking forward to his match. The match began with Germany taking the lead and holding Michs scoreless to win the first round of the best of 3 match. It seemed michs had forgot to change one of the settings in game and got blow out pretty convincingly the first round. Round 2 started off with michs scoring the opening goal with less than 1 minute from the start however Germany quickly recovered and took control of the match taking the win and ending michs09's competition as quickly as it started by taking the 2-0 win and moving on.

The day finished up at around 9pm in the evening and will begin tomorrow at 9am with a full day of competition. In regards to the videos I will not be able to upload any until I return due to some laws here in Korea with verifying who is uploading videos by name. However I have updated the pictures in the slideshow on the front page and will be adding more through the rest of the week. We are looking forward to a strong day 2 from the U.S team as Kreegan, LongWalk and the AVA Team will continue the competition.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are here in Korea Day 1

Well everyone after a very long 48 hours we have all made it to our hotel in Korea. After arriving at 6 am yeserday morning we took a 5 hour bus trip to Daegu where the players checked into their hotels. After check in we decided to go out and have a look around the local town where we picked a resturant to have what turned into a huge meal. Everyone seems pretty anxious to get started and while wondering found a lan center where they all spent most of the night. At 7:00 PM we had the welcome reception back at the hotel where some announcements were made and the drawings took place. KreeganBG got a bye for todays matches, Michs09 playes against Germany today, Longwalk our Warcraft 3 player also recieved a bye in the first round and our AVA Team will be starting their event vs Korea. Hopefully later today I will be able to upload some pictures and video. The internet connections here in Korea have been less than exceptional and I feel like I am back on the 56k days. There are quite a few videos to post so I will get those up when I can.

Today's events are pretty light with a Press Conference at 11:00 which will be followed by the opening ceremony and some play beginning later this afternoon. So check back later and see how everything begins to unfold.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This year I had planned to get shirts for the team going to Korea. Then I was told that IeSF is providing them so I decided to order one for WOGL. We will have the players sign it at the end of the event. Thought I would pass it along to everyone. This was Team USA's official soccer jersey this year.

-oL's WOGL Blog

I normally don't like to write a lot but with so much going on with a growing community at WOGL, Sponsors, new games and big competitions that it is time to put this together. While WOGL continues to grow we have a lot going on behind the scenes. So I will be utilizing this blog to give our members, guests, sponsors and partners a behind the scenes look at what is going on as often as I can.
On Tuesday I will begin my trip to Korea with 3 of the top players in the United States to compete against 30 countries around the world. The IeSF event is the biggest event WOGL has been involved with to date and as such I will be posting videos, pictures and updates of the journey from start to finish. That is as time allows.
I am looking forward to sharing "some" behind the scenes information with our community so stay tuned we have a lot of things to talk about and here is where you will find it first.