Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are here in Korea Day 1

Well everyone after a very long 48 hours we have all made it to our hotel in Korea. After arriving at 6 am yeserday morning we took a 5 hour bus trip to Daegu where the players checked into their hotels. After check in we decided to go out and have a look around the local town where we picked a resturant to have what turned into a huge meal. Everyone seems pretty anxious to get started and while wondering found a lan center where they all spent most of the night. At 7:00 PM we had the welcome reception back at the hotel where some announcements were made and the drawings took place. KreeganBG got a bye for todays matches, Michs09 playes against Germany today, Longwalk our Warcraft 3 player also recieved a bye in the first round and our AVA Team will be starting their event vs Korea. Hopefully later today I will be able to upload some pictures and video. The internet connections here in Korea have been less than exceptional and I feel like I am back on the 56k days. There are quite a few videos to post so I will get those up when I can.

Today's events are pretty light with a Press Conference at 11:00 which will be followed by the opening ceremony and some play beginning later this afternoon. So check back later and see how everything begins to unfold.

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